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Stockholm Solar Immersion

Gregory was initally overwhelmed by yoga back in 1998 in his homeland of Ireland, but stuck with it anyway. With his basic yoga teacher training in Ashtanga yoga he branched out and taught other forms of yoga, and he stopped searching for new forms of yoga when he found Acroyoga 5 years ago. He has a caring and safe teaching approach, helping his students increase awareness of themselves and find new paths on their personal journeys, with his belief that it is ok to not be perfect, and just the way you are is very fine indeed. He became a certified AcroYoga teacher under the guidance of many wonderful teachers along this path.

In Stockholm there are AcroYoga Classes Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
There are jams on Saturdays and sundays.
There is a course on Thursdays
To see up to date information check out AcroYoga Stockholm Facebook
Begineer Intermediate course starting Tuesday August 30th.

In the south of Sweden there are many wonderful classes and workshops. Check out AcroBhakti for details

If you would like to contact, feel free to send an email to info @ acroyoga.se

or send me a message via Facebook Messenger